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I followed some Technorati tags on click fraud yesterday and found a post in Adotas on a fixed fee advertising platform created by a college student. The ads are priced based on bids, as it is done by Google, Yahoo, and the other pay-per-net-activity engines, but the bids are on a time basis, rather than a click or impression basis.

One of the commenters complained that despite offering a variety of payment options, including fixed fees, that his business rarely got any coverage. So I figure I'll send them a little love. :) As it turns out there are several companies that offer fixed fees, such as AdBrite (which also offers CPC) and TextLinkAds. I found the latter interesting as it uses Alexa toolbar rankings to determine prices. Alexa has actually come under a lot of scrutiny because some people feel their measurements are inaccurate. Arguably, Alexa notes that this is probably true, because of the (relatively) small sample space of people who use its toolbar. However, for some reason, enough people believe in the numbers that Alexa is putting out to buy ads based on it.

As you probably know, I think fixed fees are better than all the other methods for a variety of reasons. It's good to see some companies offering fixed fees (especially if it is one of many possible choices). Advertisers should have more control over their ads, IMO. But these companies struggle to get visibility, let alone business. Is it because fixed fee advertising is inferior, or because hardly anyone knows it is an option? More on that in a future post ...

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