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In the past couple of weeks, my dancing has improved. Some of the new technique my teacher is introducing is starting to sink in. I was very pleased with myself last Thursday applying the "1 & a 2 & a" timing to a fast samba, for example.

However, I will soon have used up all of my current lesson quota. I told my teacher that I would sign up for enough lessons to get me to the showcase in September, but due to the usual financial concerns, I wasn't sure what I would do afterwards.

Another issue weighing on my decision about whether to continue dance lessons is that I'm not very happy with my French progress. I've learned some things, but I think I can learn more if I take a class. Mostly, I don't have a regular opportunity to speak French in a learning situation. I would like to be able to hold simple conversations in French by next summer, when my chorus goes back to Albi for the next choral exchange. I don't think I will have time (or money) to do dancing, piano, chorus, job hunting, daily exercise, and French.

Speaking of piano, I'm making reasonable progress considering my teacher is on vacation until next month. I've learned the first page of Skating and have started The Little Drummer Boy. My only concern is that the fingerings I've come up with may not be the best fingerings for playing in general, although they may work for these particular pieces. Especially in the latter, there are quarter- and eighth-notes played with the remaining four fingers while the thumb holds tied notes. I don't know enough about piano literature or pedagogy to determine whether the fingerings I'm using will come back to haunt me when attempting more difficult pieces. I'm trying to strike a balance between what feels comfortable and requires the least amount of hand motion.

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