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Last night, my piano teacher told me that she is planning to have a
recital in April. She asked me to be in it. I said I couldn't make a
commitment yet, mostly because my job situation may be unclear at that
time. I also don't feel ready to play in public yet.

I had asked her earlier if I could start learning a couple of new
pieces. My reasoning was that on the ones I'm working on right now
(Satie's Gymnopédie #1 and Beethoven's Für Elise), I feel
like I've reached a plateau. I can play them sort of functionally,
but not really musically. (Also, I sometimes make unrecoverable
mistakes.) I feel like I'd make more progress if I spent more time on
them, but it would be at the expense of learning new things. I was
thinking perhaps I'd try a couple of new pieces (e.g. The
Entertainer), and then come back to the others in a couple of months.
After some discussion, I agreed to stick with those pieces, and add a
Latin-style interpretation of the Beethoven called Señorita

Deep down, one thing I have been thinking is that I'm not going to get
really good at piano unless I can buy a good acoustic, but I don't
currently have a place to put one, and due to job uncertainty, I'm
reluctant to make a major purchase. The other is that I don't really
practice as much as I think I need to (although I do practice
regularly, usually at least an hour a day, and I focus on technique as
well as just playing through the music) Which leads me to my next
topic ...

I'm thinking of discontinuing private dance lessons at the end of
March, after I do my bolero routine. For one thing, it's expensive,
and I think I should start cutting back. Another is that although I
still like to dance, I haven't really felt motivated to go out at
night lately (which is when the dance parties are). When I get home,
I don't want to go out. I'm also tired. Finally, it can be very
time-consuming, and I'm starting to feel like I've taken on too many
things. Instead, I was thinking of learning French, to prepare for the
visit from our sister chorus from Albi, France next summer (assuming
I'm still living here). I can speak and read a little French, but it
would be nice to have a bit of a conversation with our guests.

Chorus resumes tonight. Last February, we performed in a
gospel concert at Foothill. I wonder if we are going to do that again.
Not only did we perform as a group, but some of us also sung in the
combined chorus. I'm pretty sure I'll perform with my chorus, but
I'm thinking of passing on the combined chorus this time, for similar
reasons (lack of time, etc.). However, if I'm asked to sing, I'll be
reluctant to decline.

In closing, RIP Tug McGraw, Mets ace reliever in their 1973 NL
championship season.


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