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4th fireworks, Cisco interview round 2

Unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to go into details in this post. I met some folks from chorus and a few friends of theirs on the 4th to walk down Stevens Creek Trail to the Shoreline Amphitheatre to listen to the SF Symphony and watch the fireworks. The concert was a bit different this year as there were no classical pieces during the concert (except for the usual fanfare accompanying the fireworks). The selections mostly came from movies and shows.

Stevens Creek Trail isn't very well lit at night. (It's usually closed to the public after dark, but the trail is kept open on the 4th to encourage people to use it instead of driving.) One of the friends of a chorus member accidentally fell and hit his head on the pavement. I was walking ahead of him, so didn't see him fall, but heard his head hit the pavement. He had about a half-inch wide gouge next to his eye that was bleeding profusely. So we tried to clean him up as best we could given that we didn't have a first aid kit.

When we got him back to the organizer's home, we could see clearly that he had a serious wound and would need medical attention. We taped him up and tried to keep him calm until he and his friend left to go to Kaiser's emergency room.

I didn't get home until about 12:30am, so I was tired when I woke up the next morning. I was still tired when I left later in the day for my interview. When I arrived the first person scheduled to interview me wasn't there, and couldn't be reached. (Turns out he was out of the office.) So I had to wait until the group leader (the first guy who interviewed me last week) came down to escort me to a room where I met someone who wasn't on the interview schedule.

Rather than bore you all with details, things went more or less the same as before. Things I had done recently or that stick in my mind I was able to answer. Other things I was able to give partial answers and in some cases I said that I couldn't remember but knew where to get the information. Based on some questions the first interviewer asked me, I got the impression that she thought I was more of a "scripting person" than a "software person" based on there being several projects on my résumé that involved scripting. I tried to explain that even though I'd done a lot of scripting, I'd also done high-level language programming, and that in general I just try to do whatever people need me to do. I'm not sure how convincing I was. (I may write more about this when I have more time.) Things went a little better with the second person, although in some cases I'm not sure she understood what was on my résumé.

The group leader came back after the second interviewer left and told me he'd like to bring me back to meet the guy that was out of the office. He added that he was going to talk to the recruiter who initially contacted me about how well things had gone so far. He also noted that they were also talking to other candidates.

I was thinking that if I do get this job, I might stop taking dance lessons for a while (three months or so) so I have more time to focus on the job. When I was at Nominum I didn't take dance lessons until about four months after I started, not just because of money issues but because I often had to work extra hours. I want to make sure I'm up to speed on everything that I'm supposed to do so that I don't get hit with something unexpected that requires extra time that's been previously allocated. I'll probably still sing in the chorus but am not sure about piano. OTOH, if I don't get the job it will probably either be because there was a stronger candidate or they want someone who has more recent experience doing the type of work they do.

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