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I'm sitting here in McCarran (Las Vegas) airport trying out my new Wi-Fi card on their
wireless LAN. It's working great so far. I am excited by this technology and wish I knew
more about it. (The last time I worked on anything wireless was 20 years ago, when it was

A couple of interesting notes: I wasn't able to ssh (although I was able to ping) until
after authenticating myself (using IE). I wonder what other browsers and OSes are
supported. Also, the method of authentication is giving an email address. Since this is a
very weak method of authentication (no password even), it opens up the door for various
types of fraudulent access. I wonder if there is a movement to standardize authentication
mechanisms using keys that are distributed across all the hotspots.

Traveling in busy airports can be very stressful. I always feel rushed going through TSA.
I don't want to hold the line up, but I want to make sure I haven't forgotten anything and
that none of my valuables are damaged. Also, people don't always watch where they're

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