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My doctor diagnosed my shoulder problem as impingement syndrome, which is an RSI injury. She thinks it was probably aggravated by carrying my luggage during my trip and worsened from computer overuse. (I tend to lean on my elbows while I read the screen. Sometimes I doze off momentarily in that position.)

She gave me a prescription 800 mg ibuprofen (4x what you get from drugstore-shelf Advil, etc.) and recommended that I stop playing the piano for a while. She also referred me to the Kaiser physical therapy department and gave me a brochure with exercises. As it turns out, they are very similar to the exercises I learn from my dance teachers. In fact, I probably should have been more suspicious early on that doing some of those exercises was painful.

Anyway, the ibuprofen seems to be working for now. I'm in much less pain. I can do several of the exercises with little or no pain. I was having some trouble shifting over the weekend (I drive a manual transmission), but I think I will be able to shift much better today (except perhaps to reverse). After practicing left hand only piano all weekend, I resumed two hands this morning. I was able to do most of what I usually do, although I had to take frequent breaks and play slower than I usually do. I'm going to my piano lesson in a couple of hours, and will ease off if my shoulder starts to bother me. However, I probably won't try dancing until next week.
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