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One of the reasons I've been pretty quiet lately is that my right shoulder started bothering me again. The (supposed) muscle strains in my lower and upper arm subsided, but some tenderness developed near where the upper arm meets the shoulder. The pain was pretty bad on Monday night and Tuesday morning; I had trouble lifting my arm over my head when I woke up. However, after a couple of hours, the pain subsided, and I was able to resume my normal activities (although I had to take more frequent breaks during piano practice).

The strange thing about the injury was that the pain seemed to increase overnight. With some help from the Kaiser site, I was able to come up with a solution to reduce the pain. What was happening was that my right shoulder was tensing up while I was sleeping, which was preventing any healing that might have otherwise taken place. So on Tuesday night, I slept with my right arm folded across my body. I woke up this morning feeling much better. I do plan on seeing my doctor just to make sure nothing is seriously wrong, but I'm fairly sure I'll heal completely.

I don't know exactly what caused my shoulder problem, but I think it is a combination of RSI, problems with my dance frame, and carrying my luggage en route to/from Florida. To relieve the RSI, I've adjusted my laptop and desk chair so my back is straight. I tend to lean my head on my elbows while sitting at my desk using my laptop, and sometimes I doze off, which is putting stress on my shoulders.

As for the dancing, I haven't done any in a couple of weeks. I probably won't dance until after I see my doctor. I think I know why the dance frame is causing me problems. I'm not doing it quite right, so if my arm is pulled down for some reason it causes pain in my shoulder. However, I haven't quite gotten the technique down yet; I still revert to some old habits (such as letting my arm drop). In the past, I used to get comments from the adjudicators about my arm dropping, but Gita is the first dance teacher I've had that has made an issue out of my arm position.
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