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I've been reading up on the technology EK's company uses. I'm somewhat concerned about the long-term viability of the company. (Startups are always risky, but this particular venture seems extremely risky.)

Thinking about David Henke and that era of AV reminded me of the times when bad indexes were pushed causing poor search results. (Granted, bad indexes were not the only source of the problem; I got better results using advanced search or raging search.) It seems Google is having it's own share of bad index problems. This has been noticed, and not only have some companies switched to other providers of search results, but a recent study showed MSN Search had the most relevant results among several search engines, including Y! and Google.

In the past, Google has had index/relevancy problems, but people spread around Googlejuice to improve certain result rankings. I wonder if this will continue. I also wonder what would have happened if people had stayed faithful to AV instead of abandoning it for Google.

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