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It was good to get together with EK this morning. He told me some things about his company, and also asked me how much I knew about what he was doing. I know very little about his line of work, as it did not come up in any of my previous projects, and I don't use the technology otherwise. However, he did offer to send my résumé to a couple of people he's still in touch with back at Cisco who might be able to offer me some advice about finding a job there.

I also talked to a friend of mine who (as I suspected) is now working for EK. It turns out he is working for another of my former bosses from SRI. My friend thought the outcome of the meeting with EK might be an interview, at least, but it doesn't seem like a good match at this time. He seems to think that I could learn how to do the work, at least under ideal (non-stress of startup) conditions. (He is not authorized to hire). So I told him that I would read up on some of the technology and then in a week or so meet him for lunch to consider what the next steps might be. I suggested that perhaps I could have an informal chat with some of the people in the company who are authorized to hire.

Just one other note: I sometimes feel funny talking about the AV log processing, etc., especially with people who I knew long before I worked at AV. I feel like I'm disappointing them, somehow; that they're expecting some really innovative technology which I didn't get a chance to do.

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