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You may recall that I recently wrote about an interview at Y! with the SDS group that didn't go so well. I mentioned that I asked one of the people who interviewed me to talk to David Bills about my background, but he was reluctant to do so, seeing as DB is a VP who may be based in SoCal.

After reading this c|net article about Y!'s improved search ad system, I wonder if the guy who interviewed me was thinking of David Henke, who is mentioned in the article. If this is the same David Henke who was a VP of Engineering at AV, it's quite possible that the interviewer mixed them up, since it's quite likely that their names come up together in discussion.

Speaking of Y!, I have a breakfast meeting tomorrow with Ed Kozel, who happens to be on the Y! board, as well as several other boards. (If you're not familiar with the world of tech VCs, EK was CTO of Cisco many years ago, and engineered some key deals for them. He became quite successful at Cisco, enough to get into the venture capital biz. I worked for/with him at SRI back in the late 1980s.) EK is the CEO of cright, a new company that seems to be in stealth mode right now.

I've discussed my current situation with him (in email) and also given him my résumé. I'm not sure what will happen tomorrow, but of all the people I know in the computer industry, he's by far the best connected, and is probably my best source of advice for finding a new job.

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