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Last night I had I dream that I was working at Y! I may have been either a contractor or temp worker, because I felt a little out of place in the dream, not like I was really part of the company. As I was leaving a meeting, several people showed up for the next meeting. I thought I needed to go to another meeting in another room, but didn't know where I needed to go. I finally found a list of required attendants (including myself) for the next meeting taped to a wall. The meeting location was the room I'd just left.

When I returned to the meeting room, several ex-AVers were there. The topic of the meeting was what to do about Google. There was also a discussion about a new, more efficient means of formatting and processing web server logs. Somehow, a woman who I dance with at the Starlite who made enough money from selling real estate to buy an interest in the Starlite made it into the dream.

I then left the room, and realized I'd lost my shoes. The search for my shoes somehow took me to the cafeteria. I heard change ringing, so I assumed people had to pay for their meals — they weren't free. I then looked in a bathroom, in which I couldn't brush my teeth because someone had left some personal items in the sink. The dream ended there.

I don't think my keyboard can take the pounding of the Chopin Mazurka that I'm working on at fortissimo. I can't justify buying a piano right now, and don't really have room for one, but I'm wondering if I can compromise with a low-end Clavinova that might be able to withstand my pounding.

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