gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

women in CS

One of the web sites I use for tech interview prep featured an post discussing some reasons why there are (noticeably) fewer women than men in the US majoring in CS and going on to work in the field. The post mentioned that in Asia, the percentages are about 50/50. A respondent commented that in Asia, women major and seek work in CS because it is financially lucrative to do so.

It's certainly possible that there are women who are (or were) interested in CS but decided not to pursue it because they have (had) more lucrative opportunities. There are lots of career options open to women such as medicine, law, and business, which (arguably) have more job security than CS does these days. Furthermore, perhaps these women do not find CS as interesting as men. There are certainly intellectual challenges in other fields.

Another source of thoughts on women in CS (by a woman) is Lynne Jolitz' site.

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