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Yesterday was my chorus' annual all-day retreat at the Sanborn Hostel in Saratoga. It was a
long but productive day. I started to lose my voice a bit towards the end. Part of the
retreat was practice for solos. I didn't participate because this time, I'm definitely
taking a break from solos.

Usually, during our lunch break we split into small groups. It helps people who are fairly
new to the group get to know others a bit better. In my group, the topic of conversation
was "what would you do differently if you could live your life over?" Most people
(including me) said they wanted to learn an instrument earlier in life. (One person wanted
to be a writer.) Since I didn't have a piano when I was a child, I didn't have the
opportunity to play regularly, so there's not much that could have been done about that. But
I regret stopping lessons back in 1994. If I'd kept up with lessons, I'd be so much further
along now. However, I was discouraged at my (perceived) lack of progress. Also, I was
stressed out about work and some other things, so I decided to put the piano lessons aside
and concentrate on singing. Of course now, my singing has fallen off some, as compared to
what it was when I was taking lessons regularly.

I gave a soprano who grew up in France a ride back, so I had a chance to practice some
French. I'm still working on it, although it tends to go on the back burner when I need to
spend extra time on some of the other things such as dancing or piano.

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