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Last night my piano teacher and I had a discussion about the tempo for the Chopin Prelude (Op. 28, No. 20). We had previously set a target for 42 bpm (as this was a suggested Largo tempo). However, after playing it for her at about 34 bpm, she decided that was even too fast. This is actually great for me because I can play it comfortably at speeds slower than 34 bpm, so all I have to do now is play it once per day until the recital to keep it fresh in my mind. (I suppose as we get closer to the recital I'll go back to working on parts of it.) After some more discussion, she decided to assign me a new piece: Kabalevsky's Novelette (Op. 27, No. 25). The first few measures have a dark, mournful sound that was fitting for the rain clouds this morning.
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