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Another entry for the everybody-in-my-chorus-is-or-knows-someone-prominent department: I found out not too long ago that my director was highly talented in math as well as music when she was young. Not too surprising, considering that her late father was a physicist. (I actually knew that but I had forgotten.)

She decided to pursue music. I wonder if her parents left the decision up to her. When I was a teenager, on several occasions that I mentioned that I wanted to be a vocalist, my parents (father mostly) objected. He thought I didn't have the right kind of voice (I don't know how he reached this conclusion), and that there were too few minorities in science and engineering, so I should do that instead. Maybe ... but I'm not necessarily the person who should have attempted to rectify this. Also, I wonder what he would have thought if he could have seen me 30 years in the future from when those discussions took place.

Speaking of music, I'm making reasonable progress on Chopin's Mazurka (Op. 68, No. 3). I know how to play all of the notes. I thought it might have taken me longer to learn the notes. To continue to make progress at my current rate, I need to put more practice time in per day on this piece to work on a given section and review the others.

The other pieces are going ok. I should have everything ready by the June recital. The only concern I have is I'm wondering if I should put Für Elise aside for now and use the time for something else. I won't be performing it at the recital, because another student will be, and I don't anticipate having an opportunity to play it in public anytime soon. It's recommended that pianists have a few pieces ready for such occasions, and being able to play Für Elise in its entirety (well) would impress audiences. But I must weigh that against other things I need to do.

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