gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

I'm still having some problems with the Reverse Botofogo pattern from my Samba class. I'll probably have to schedule a one-on-one lesson with the teacher. (She's the same teacher I worked with a few weeks ago who taught the Quickstep class.) We never got a chance to work on some of the technique points the adjudicator made during my showcase dances, so we're due for a lesson anyway.

The regular teacher for the Waltz class was out, so we had a different teacher. She taught a pattern I learned many years ago called Wrap and Cuddle. I used to lead it a lot at the time I learned it, but I don't lead it much any more. The lead-in to the pattern was somewhat different than what I (vaguely) remember doing, so I was a bit confused at first. I'm going to try to remember how to do it by tomorrow's party. If I can't remember, I may have it on a tape of a past showcase or medal ball.

After the Waltz class I had a quick chat with one of the other teachers. She noticed my AltaVista fleece jacket and asked me if AltaVista was still in business. I started laughing cynically (I can't help it) then explained how AV had been bought by Overture, which was bought by Y!, which rehosted the AV site onto its web serving platform. One of the TAs who was also part of the conversation remembers our old building at 1070 Arastradero and wondered if anyone from AV was still there. AFAIK, there are no more AV people there.

Turns out the teacher used to create directories in Japanese for LookSmart. She worked there during the dot-boom. When I asked her why she thought the company was having problems now, she said she didn't know. At the time she worked there, it wasn't having any problems and she was having fun. I told her that I thought AV had problems even during the dot-boom and that I had started to become a bit uneasy. I asked her what her favorite search engine is now and she said Google (no surprise). I didn't have a chance to ask her opinion of some of the issues G is facing now, but I will try to do so next time I see her.

One more point wrt my Samba teacher that relates to the previous conversation. I told the former LS employee that I didn't have a job currently, which meant less money for lessons, but more time to practice. I would take more lessons with my Samba teacher if I had more money, but I'd have less time to practice. What's more, the practice would not be as effective, because my mind would still be on work. I think I danced much better at the showcase than I would have if I was still working at Nominum. I would have been stressed out about some upcoming deadlines, and been unable to really focus and concentrate on dancing.

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