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Just a quickie dance/music-related update ...

My decision to take only the Viennese Waltz class on Monday nights seems to be good so far. I was able to leisurely drive from my piano lesson to the Starlite, sign up on teachers' dance cards, do some warm-up stretching, and even get in a little bit of practice before the class. I didn't feel tired during the class or my private lesson afterwards. Neither did I have much shoulder pain; perhaps a twinge. I'm going to meet with one of my former teachers on Sunday afternoon to go over some Quickstep. (She is also teaching the Quickstep classes.)

It looks like I won't be playing Für Elise at my piano teacher's next recital. One of her other students really wants to do it, so my teacher asked me to play something else. However, she'd still like me to play Señorita Elisa and to make a comedy routine out of it. As for the other piece, I already have Le Petit Noir which I'm currently working on. Two pieces are probably enough.
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