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Today was another exciting day dealing with fallout from the machine moves. There may be even more fallout from some more recent moves.

I sometimes dream that I am taking a math test and I am failing very badly. I'm sitting in the room and can't answer any of the questions. The dream takes place in high school and sometimes even junior high school. The test questions are easy but that doesn't help.

Anyway, I had a new dream along those lines last night. My chorus was getting ready to rehearse, but the director (Dawn) wasn't there yet. The accompanist (Nancy) was nervous about warming up the group, so she asked me to play the piano to warm us up. I started playing some scales at a point where I thought people would feel comfortable singing (and I felt comfortable playing). Then Dawn appeared and told me I wasn't playing correctly. She pointed at the keyboard and there were these little red dots on the keys. The dots were there to tell me where I should have started playing, according to Dawn. I tried to explain that I didn't know what the dots were for. The dream moved off into some other direction with us rehearsing in a very large room, almost like a gymnasium, but we were only a small group occupying a small part of the room.

I think this dream was triggered somewhat by a conversation Nancy and I had yesterday after my dance lesson. (She takes lessons there also; she just started a few weeks ago.) She wanted to know which pieces I was working on, so I showed her the editions of Für Elise and Gymnopédie No. 1. Also, we had a bit of a bonding moment last Saturday because we were both having trouble with the room temperature and dry air on Saturday.


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