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who could ask for anything more?

Tonight chorus rehearsals resumed. We celebrated our director's birthday by singing a tribute to her written by one of our sopranos to the tune of I've Got Rhythm. Here's a few lines:

Dawn's got music, she's got talent,
Dawn's got humor, who could ask for anything more?
With her patience, makes us singers,
Our Director, we respect and truly adore.

Seeing as I've been writing about my youth, I wish I had known her when she was younger. I'd like to know what she was like back then. She's quite personable. She's also very confident in her abilities without being arrogant. And she's very much in charge of her music.

I wonder if in her youth people could have seen the adult she would become. There is a guy in the tenor section who used to drive her to rehearsals when she was twelve years old. (She was the accompanist for her church's choir.) He told me that back then, she wanted to be the director.

We're doing several pieces we've done in the past, including Hark, I Hear the Harps Eternal which is one of my favorites. (It's a pentatonic piece with lots of open fifths between the basses and baritones.) We're also doing Tourdion, a French drinking song that our French friends from Albi performed the first time they visited. Several of us have already learned our parts because we like to sing it during our choral exchanges.

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