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I went to a beginning Bolero class on Tuesday night. I could pretty much do everything. It was also useful in that it reminded me of some technique I'd forgotten. However, that will be the last Tuesday night class I'll be able to make for a while, because chorus starts up next week.

I met my new dance teacher at the Thursday night dance party. It was interesting because she didn't know she'd been assigned to me. I signed up with her on her dance card, and when we danced, I told her who I was and how I'd returned after about a year and a half off. She asked me who my teacher would be, and was surprised when I said it would be her. We had a good dance (Waltz). I was actually somewhat nervous for most of Thursday about meeting her. I think I will be a bit nervous next Monday as she is teaching the Viennese Waltz class.

During the evening some pattern sequences in Viennese Waltz and Quickstep came back to me. I think part of what's giving me the problem in the Quickstep class is that I was used to doing some patterns I'd learned earlier, so even though I'm being taught the new pattern my muscle memory is trying to do the old pattern. Also, because my memories of the past patterns are incomplete and I'm accidentally combining parts of some patterns, I make mistakes. I never really made it to the "natural use" phase of learning Quickstep. (I'll write more about this later; it's something my first dance teacher shared with me.) I always had to plan out ahead of time what I was going to do when dancing Quickstep at medal balls, routines, and even at parties. So even when I was dancing regularly, it was difficult to integrate a new Quickstep pattern into my repertoire.

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