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I just signed up for 25 private lessons at the Starlite. I'm now a
regular student again after a year and a half off.

I had been thinking about signing up for lessons again, time and
finances permitting. Today was the start of a new round of group
classes, so I figured I'd take one or two and see how things went. I
also planned to talk to one of the managers about rates, available
teachers, and so forth.

So when I arrived at the Starlite, I signed up for two group classes.
I was only going to sign up for Intermediate Viennese Waltz, but there
was a shortage of Intermediate Quickstep leaders, so I signed up for
that also. After a few minutes of the Quickstep class, I had some
trouble doing one of the patterns (it was one I never really learned
that well). Things got better after we did some more familiar
patterns, although I started feeling tired towards the end of the

The Viennese Waltz class turned out to be Intermediate 2 instead of
Intermediate 1, which was more challenging. We spent the entire class
on underarm left turn, which involves more shaping than I've done in
about a year and a half. So I had to constantly stretch out to make
sure I didn't pull any muscles. I was feeling tired from the
Quickstep class also. However, I made it through. Afterwards, I
signed up for the lessons. I think I really need to work with a
teacher one-on-one for a while to carefully go over everything that's
done in class, and to gradually get me back into my old dance form.

So now I'll (hopefully) be going to the Thursday night parties. I'm
looking forward to getting on the teachers' dance cards. The showcase
is in a couple of months, so hopefully I'll make enough progress to do
some freestyles. The guest adjudicator will be Terry Irwin, who I've
enjoyed working with in the past.

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