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I should probably be asleep, but I had to do some work after I got home, and my web/email hosting provider became inaccessible (I suspect some type of disk failure), so I'm up.

At my piano lesson on Monday I had some trouble playing the left hand of The Orphan. I was trying to bring out the melody in the right hand while lightening up the left hand. However, I had to apply enough force to depress my teacher's piano keys, which is more than I'm used to playing my digital piano, so the left hand was louder than I wanted it to be. It seems as if the time I need to get an acoustic piano (or get regular access to one) is fast approaching, or else I'm not going to make the type of progress others make who have access to acoustic pianos.

Despite all that, my teacher was satisfied enough with The Orphan and the Clementi sonatina that I get to move on to new pieces. Actually I'll be going back to the "medley" of Für Elise/Señorita Elisa; after about a year or so away from it, we'll see if what I've learned in the meantime helps me play it better. I'll also be starting Debussy's Le Petit Noir which I loved the first time I heard it.

I had to work late last night because of something that came up at the last minute. Fortunately chorus is on vacation, otherwise I would have missed rehearsal. I'm getting the impression that life is going to be like this for a while. This pretty much makes dance lessons impossible. (I'm already not spending as much time on piano or singing as I should.) It doesn't seem possible in the group I'm in right now to have an even semi-regular workday because of these last-minute tasks. Oh well, things could be worse.

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