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A quick update:

My piano teacher gave me a nice compliment after I played the Chopin prelude for her. She said that I was bringing out some of the inner voices and that it was the first time she had heard me do that. I have been trying to do that but I wasn't aware that I was actually doing it consciously at my lesson. I told her that sometimes in chorus my part is an inner part, so I have some experience in listening for that and trying to bring it out. Which leads me to ...

Last night we had our last rehearsal before our first performance of the holiday season. I don't think it went too well. I wasn't happy with myself because I forgot part of my duet. I wish we could rehearse it more, but we're spending a lot of time on The Reluctant Dragon which is the finale. It actually has some inner parts in the last section that I need to work on a little more before the performance.

Work has been preying on my mind which may be part of why I don't have my music down. I actually spent a fair amount of time over the weekend working on my program. It isn't very long, but I wanted to make sure I didn't have any subtle bugs and that the code conformed to the company's standard practices. At least I'm finished with it and am ready to move on to the next assignment. I still don't know what's going to happen after the end of next week.

One other thing. I wanted to point out a billing disaster at Google a few years ago. AV had several disasters like that but the outcomes were far more severe. Like I said before, it must be nice to be able to work somewhere where the company's in good enough shape that you can make a serious mistake without being let go or others being let go because the money that was supposed to have been made wasn't available to pay those people's salaries.

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