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Inspired by unitarymatrix, here are my grade schools:

PS 30 Queens grades K-4
PS 132 Queens grade 5
IS 238 Queens grade 6
IS 59 Queens grades 7-8

My family moved from Rochdale Village to Laurelton in the fall of 1968, but I stayed at PS 30 for two extra years. I went to IS 238 for the EGC (Exceptionally Gifted Children) program, which I wrote about some time ago. There were teacher absences when I was there, as there were recently according to the review on the site. Teacher absences, among other things, moved my parents to transfer me from IS 238 to IS 59. Several other kids left the EGC program for similar reasons. Also, due to overcrowding, many kids who went to PS 132 were put in IS 238 during my 6th grade, and came over with me to IS 59 a year later.

I also went to a pre-kindergarten on Marsden St., not too far from PS 30. I don't remember whether it was affiliated with PS 30. I do remember that street was often flooded, even on dry, sunny days. That part of Queens tends to get a fair amount of flooding, due to poor drainage. With all the rain on the east coast, I imagine the flooding in that area is really bad, unless it's been fixed.

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