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Next revelation ...

I have written a lot of things like "I wish I were smarter" or "I wish I were a better problem solver" or "I wish I had a better career." I think what I am really trying to say is "I wish I were in a position where my mistakes wouldn't hurt me" or "I wish I could be forgiven for my mistakes" or perhaps even "I wish I had more money." (The implication being that if you have enough money (assuming you also have enough time), you can use it to get whatever resources you need to accomplish whatever you're trying to do.) Like my friend, I feel like people who pass through the glass ceiling have a safety net under them that catches them if they fall and supports them.

Also, I'm thinking of taking time off from piano lessons for the next few months. I'm feeling somewhat uneasy about things at work, and I'd like to create a bit of a time buffer so that in case something comes up that takes longer than I've anticipated, I have some extra time to do it that isn't already allocated. In addition, I won't have to worry about canceling lessons at the last minute or showing up to lessons distracted and/or not fully prepared.

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