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This past week has been busy, but productive.

Last Sunday, I went to the Starlite to watch the showcase and support some of my friends. At first, there weren't many people there, but as the day went by, more people (dancers and spectators) showed up. I had a really good time. Watching everyone perform and getting a few dances in myself confirmed that I miss dancing regularly. I was also feeling more relaxed than the past couple of times I've danced, and my knee wasn't bothering me, so I was able to dance better.

I talked to a couple of my former dance teachers, telling them how I had a temp job for a few months and might consider taking lessons again. They have room in their schedules for me and would like to work with me again. However, I think I'll have to put dance lessons on hold until I get more settled at work.

Monday was my first day at work. After taking care of paperwork, getting a laptop, and establishing my logins, I had to attend two meetings. The UI developers' meeting required standing up, as they are an XP team. All of them, myself, and another guy who does testing, and even sometimes my boss, work in a large open space containing dual-keyboarded/screened workstations for pair programming, and other areas where people can just set up their laptops and work. I'm coming in the midst of a release cycle, so there will be a lot of meetings over the next few weeks (at least two per day for me).

I spent the rest of the week learning about the UI and the agents mostly from an end user and administrator's perspective. I had a bit of trouble doing a complete install, but by Friday evening I had everything up and was editing and publishing DNS zones. I also learned about the ticketing system and got some assigned to me. :) Next week, I will have more tickets, and possibly a programming assignment. More on that and some general observations about the company as time permits.

Fortunately, I was able to make my piano lesson last Monday. (I wasn't sure if I'd make it because I wasn't sure if I would have to work late.) Since I haven't had as much time to practice now that I'm working (most weekdays I only have time to go through basic exercises), I was somewhat rusty on all of the pieces I've been working on over the past month. It looks like there aren't going to be any master classes for a while, which is just as well, because I probably wouldn't be able to go. In fact, there is the possibility I might have to give up lessons for a while, especially if I don't get enough time to work on pieces. (I'll wait to see how things go at work before bringing this up with my teacher.)

I was able to make it to chorus on Tuesday evening also. This quarter, our tour de force is The Reluctant Dragon, which will feature costumes, theatrics, etc. We're redoing a couple of pieces from past concerts, Irving Berlin's Snow and an African piece, Keresimesi Adun De O. I don't plan on auditioning for any solos. It's a bit of a drive from Redwood City to some of the places we perform (e.g. Cupertino, Sunnyvale), and I might miss some performances if I have to work late.

Overall, I was able to make the transition to working again pretty well. I'm feeling pretty good about things so far. Next week will be more like a typical work week, with more tickets, software to write, etc., so we'll see how it goes.

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