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full circle?

I have a three month gig at Nominum. I'll be working in a test group for their Foundation
Management Center product. If all goes well, hopefully I'll become a permanent employee.

In some ways, it was like a reunion. Several people there were either with the original SRI
Network Information Center (NIC) or otherwise involved with early Internet (and ARPAnet)
name and address management. So seeing all those folks again was like coming home, in a
way. It's going to be a challenge, because they have some tight deadlines, and it's been
quite some time since I've done this type of work. Hopefully everything will go ok.

On the way home from signing my employment agreement, I stopped at Borders in Palo Alto to
look at some books I might need for work. I ran into Zaw-Sing Su, another former SRI
employee I worked with while I was there. He was one of the original designers of DNS. All
of this was an interesting coincidence, seeing as today is the 20th anniversary of my first
day at SRI. So the wheel has come full circle, perhaps.

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