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I got a lot done yesterday; enough to go dancing last night. It was good to dance again. Since it's been seven months since I've really danced, I had some problems remembering some patterns I used to do almost instinctively. Also, my left knee (which has been bothering me some since the Yosemite hike) started bothering me a bit more, making me somewhat skittish about trying certain moves. A couple of moves in quickstep were sufficiently painful that I had to try to slowly work through them by myself. As it turns out, I wasn't doing them quite right. However, my knee has similar symptoms to how I was feeling early in the summer of 2004 when I stopped dancing. So, I've started taking glucosamine again to try to build up some cartilage, and I will also buy some new walking shoes. I need firm support through the arch and heel.

I would like to take lessons again; enough to get my technique back to the level it was at when I danced regularly. However, that might not be possible for reasons I've discussed earlier. If I do take lessons, I won't do anything but work on technique. I won't participate in any medal balls or do any showcase routines. (I may do showcase comments.) I can't afford the time or cost. Also, the medal balls are held in June and December, which makes it highly likely that they'll conflict with chorus performances or piano recitals.