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I have been feeling depressed for the past couple of days. It started when I sent a résumé off to a company outside of the SF bay area. The thought of moving makes me very unhappy, because I would miss singing with my chorus, etc. Granted, I felt sad when I moved back here from LA, and missed singing with the Angel City Chorale, but I eventually found my current group, so maybe I could find another group that I like in another location. Or perhaps I could take vacation time to perform with my group at the next exchange. (Actually, a former member came back to see our recent concert and went on the Monterey/San Juan Bautista trip. He could have learned the two new joint pieces on his own, and the others he already knew. Based on what I've heard, at the next exchange, we'll be repeating most of the joint pieces.)

I tend to form attachments to places and people, which makes it difficult to make changes, even when they're in my best interests. I went through a lot of angst before deciding to move back here. Should I have to move, I expect to feel similarly.

I'm back in the regular routine of job searching and piano practice now. I still have a ways to go before being caught up in LJ.

(Having written this entry, I feel a bit better.)

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