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Only time for a quickie update because I need to get to sleep. Yesterday we took our French
guests on a short tour of Stanford's campus. (We didn't visit the west side of campus where
the tech buildings are located, so I didn't get to explain in French how Stanford is the
birthplace of Yahoo and Google.) Later that evening was the welcome soiree at a spacious
spread in Atherton. I helped with some of the table setup. After we ate, we sang some
traditional songs in both French and English.

It's unfortunate that I haven't learned how to conjugate in the past tense yet. I can't
give full sentence responses to questions like "Where did you work?" I am currently up to
chapter ten of my French language instruction book. The past tense is covered somewhere in
the twenties. I looked ahead to see how it was done, and I understand it, but I probably
shouldn't try to cover it before covering some of the other things.

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