gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

perhaps it's time for a change ...

Some LJ friends and friends-of-friends have been musing about career woes. Not exactly a
meme, but I have a few thoughts about my (lack of) career, coming from a somewhat different

I have sort of come to the conclusion that looking for work on the web is highly
unproductive (with respect to the end goal of getting a job). I could be doing other things
that are far more productive (with respect to the goals I have for these activities, none of
which involve getting a job). I could be practicing music, French, etc., instead of looking
for jobs on the web.

Another conclusion I'm starting to come to is that I'm being rejected by companies for
reasons other than whether I'm qualified to do the work. I'm not saying that I'm the most
qualified for all the positions I've interviewed for. Clearly, I'm not. But I'm sure for
most of the positions, I could do the work. Granted, there is a lot more competition for
jobs now (not just in skills but in wages people are willing to accept). Perhaps I was able
to get jobs in the past because there was less competition.

Some things I've been reading suggest that trying to get a job at an established company may
not be the best way to get hired by that company. For example, John Chambers, CEO of Cisco,
has often claimed that rather than acquire a large company, he'd rather acquire a small
company with great engineers and great technology. Perhaps it's not too much of a leap to
conclude that the best way to get into someplace like Cisco is to work for (or even start) a
small company that puts out something good enough for Cisco to buy. A lot of other large
companies are operating in that mode, buying small companies rather than doing the work

I don't know much about starting companies, and I'm not sure I want to (or should) do so.
But I think I need to change some things about my job search.

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