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With regards to interviewing, I've been thinking that I've spread myself too thinly. I can't cover search and network protocols because both areas are very broad and there's not much overlap. Also, I'm not likely to be able to commit details of programming languages or Unix commands to memory because there's too many of them. So I will have to narrow my job searching and interview prep somewhat.

This new style of interviews is strange to me. However, I haven't done much interviewing in general. Typically, once I've found a job somewhere I tend not to look around until it's necessary. Also, on most of the interviews I've had, either people in the company knew me or knew something about what I had worked on, so they generally asked questions about my projects. Rarely was I asked details that had little or nothing to do with what I'd worked on.

The guy from BlowSearch put out another article on his company's (presumed) solution to click fraud, which has generated some commentary (mostly dubious of his claims) in various ad-related blogs and forums. However, there was mention of an open-source ad server called phpAdsNew that has some anti-click fraud features. It can limit exposure of ads to certain IPs, control how long the interval is between clicks allowed from the same IP, session, cookie, etc. This is good as far as it goes, but doesn't do much against fraudsters who can bypass all the checks. I'm starting to get the feeling that advertisers will either just stop advertising on nonperforming sites and/or ad networks or just live with the "tax" of click fraud as the cost of doing business on the web. So I'm not so sure I will pursue this any further.

I've managed to speed up the problem section in the first movement of Sonatina Romantico a bit. I may have it up to an acceptable tempo by next Sunday.

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