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I seem to be very busy again. There's something I want to write about interview questions
and problem solving, but I don't have time to type it all in. I did want to point out
that on one site, there were questions about Gray codes and binary coded decimal that I
don't remember how to answer. (Neither were covered in depth in digital design class and
I haven't used either in over 20 years.)

My piano teacher was unusually impatient with me last night. There are parts of
Sonatina Romantico that I still have trouble with, so I sometimes make mistakes, or
in the process of trying not to make mistakes, forget to slow down or speed up enough. I
realize this, and I have been trying to improve, but progress is slow, and there are other
things on my mind. So when my teacher started getting on me, I said that I thought I
might not be ready to perform the piece at the recital. I said that I would perform, but
that it might not sound as good as if I had more time. (There was more discussion, but I
don't have time to type it right now.)

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