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Looks like the piano recital is back on again. At the master class
last night, my teacher told us that it will be in two weeks (pending
some as-yet-to-be-made arrangements). So, no official date yet, but
sometime before the end of the month, probably.

I had a full lesson before the master class, and had also done my
usual share of practicing earlier that day, so I was tired during the
master class. My right hand was also bothering me a bit. So I didn't
play the first movement of Sonatina Romantico as well as I
could. Also, I didn't use music this time. I had a mental block that
lasted a few seconds, then I was able to resume playing.

I sometimes have trouble adjusting to my teacher's grand. The action
is much different than my digital, and the keys are worn. As I wrote
previously, at some point, I'll have to get an acoustic or else I
won't be able to progress beyond a certain point. However, I'm not
going to be making any major purchases until I have some steady
income. Also, I was thinking that perhaps I should be content with a
nice upright or even a console.

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