gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

I made it through the first round of interviews, so I'm going to have an onsite interview at PayPal tomorrow morning. I'd feel more comfortable if I felt better prepared. There are probably going to be puzzles and algorithms questions asked.

I was reading about polymorphism a couple of days ago because I saw it mentioned on a job posting but had never heard the term used in computer science. It turns out that I am familiar with the concept, but it was called something else (possibly generic programming) when I first learned about it. I don't remember the issue coming up in any OO projects I'd done in the workplace, although I remember using parameterized types in one of the 6.170 projects. (FYI, back then, the language CLU that was developed at MIT was used.) I suspect I am going to run into this situation often during interviews: being asked about something that I understand but don't remember or know what it's currently called.

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