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I haven't written much lately because I've been busy. Also, my right pinky is bothering me a bit. I'm trying to limit my typing so I am able to practice piano with minimal pain. I thought the pain would be gone today, and until about noon, it was, but it came back a bit. Hopefully it will be completely gone tomorrow.

My teacher changed some of the fingerings I'd worked out for the first movement of Sonatina Romantico, as well as the phrasings, so I've had to spend some time relearning it. I'm not sure I'm still on track for being able to perform it in May. I probably won't have it up to full speed in all sections, even if I'm using better fingering and phrasing.

I couldn't find any probability books in the Mtn View library that I liked, so I decided to read Moneyball instead. I've owned the book for several months, but haven't gotten around to reading it until now. It's the first edition, which doesn't have the appendix that discusses the circus that surrounds major league baseball teams. While reading it last night, my stomach started feeling uncomfortable again, like it had a few days ago. Possibly, some of the description of the scouts' player evaluations reminded me of past jobs.

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