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I haven't written much lately because I've been busy with the usual day-to-day plus a family matter.

On Thursday night my piano teacher had another of her master classes. This time a student came who I hadn't met yet. He could play lots of improvised blues licks. I was impressed. I haven't done anything like that in a long time, and was nowhere close to this guy's level when I did. When it came time to work on the Bach Minuet in G for eight hands, I had to play a couple of parts because the son of the guy who plays with me and my teacher couldn't make it due to too much homework. I hadn't yet tried to play two parts so I had to sightread them. It was somewhat difficult at first because I have gotten used to playing each part separately, but I was able to do ok after a while. I don't practice sightreading much due to lack of time.

My teacher had another suggestion for a piece we (father, son, teacher and me) might play at an upcoming recital: Handel's Minuet in D from Water Music. Although I think the piece is interesting, I declined because I already have several pieces I'm working on. Also, the recital will be in May, which is during my chorus' performance season, so I'll have a lot there to keep me busy as well. (Not to mention prep for our guests from France will be in full swing.)

An observation: my teacher has started to refer to me as one of her "advanced" students. I still feel like a beginner in a lot of ways, especially compared to people who are performing Gershwin, Liszt, and so forth. But I definitely feel like I have made some progress. I also feel like I have a good attitude towards practice and that it has paid off. The father is having trouble with his part in the Bach, mostly because he hasn't practiced enough (by his own admission). I actually think we should spend more time working on it until it's good enough to perform (assuming the father and son still want to perform it).

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