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On Wednesday night, I decided to check cahwyguy's journal. His face looks really familiar; I wonder if we have ever met in person. He graduated from UCLA four years before I started, and worked with several of my coworkers from Trusted Information Systems (now a part of Network Associates). So we exchanged some email, in which I described a project I'd worked on.

This triggered a TIS-related dream. I was at a get-together at (what I thought was) Steve Crocker's (the VP, and my mentor) house in Maryland. Lots of people from the Maryland office were there. They served us lunch so we would not have to leave. I was feeling funny while at the house, like I didn't belong. I also had the feeling that I was looking for something, like my bicycle, but I didn't want anyone to know that. The dream shifted to the house where I grew up in southeast Queens. My parents were having a conversation with a couple of their friends. They were all laughing. My maternal grandfather was there also. The dream ended after that.

My mind was trying to reconstruct some events that took place during the week I visited the Maryland TIS office in the summer of 1990. The lunch thing was about how lunch was served to people in the office so they wouldn't have to leave. There were a few small restaurants in a strip mall about a mile away, but you had to drive a fair distance to get a larger variety. Lots of people used to show up for lunch, because they featured "Lunchtime Protocols," which were small talks or presentations by employees on security projects. The feeling funny thing has to do with my experiences doing "Orange Book"-type security analyses of Trusted Mach source code. I never really felt comfortable doing it because I didn't understand the process very well. My coworkers were very nice and helpful, but I preferred doing actual implementation and performance analysis of networking code. Crocker's house isn't near the office (as far as I can remember, although the president Steve Walker's was), but he took me and some of the other folks visiting from the LA office out to a really great crab dinner on the wharf in Baltimore, followed by ice cream.

I'm not sure how my parents or the bicycle fits in, but I take my grandpa's appearance as a sign that I should be aware of something important coming up. I remember he once came to visit me in 1985 when I lived in NJ and worked as a contractor at AT&T. I was explaining to him how email worked, and showed him the headers, etc. He had worked in the USPS for many years, and seemed to understand what I was talking about. Unfortunately, he didn't live long enough to see the Internet become a part of everyday life.

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