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I had an interview with Y!'s PSI group yesterday. While I was there I saw several AV people in the hallways. I even caught Mr. Bills heading out the door on one of his trips. It was an interesting experience ... sort of like stepping into another timeline, in which I had not been laid off, or a throwback to the days of AV when I used to see those people all the time.

Anyway, the interview was most unusual. After the interviewer introduced himself and described his group a bit, I pretty much did all the talking. I asked lots of questions about the group, its relation to other groups, the types of projects people work on, etc. Turns out this is a business operations group similar to the one I was in.

The interview lasted about a half hour, but within the first five minutes, I pretty much figured out everything I needed to know. Without going into a lot of details, should I be offered (and accept) a position with this group, I will effectively be signing up for the same type of experience I had at AV the last four years.

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