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My piano lessons have been moved up an hour and a half because my teacher's pretty wiped out at the end of the day. So yesterday's started at 6:30pm. During the lesson, I was having trouble with articulation of some of the eighth notes in Knight Ruppert. I couldn't get both fingers down for some chords simultaneously. I didn't remember having the problem while practicing at home, so I asked if I could try playing it on her Roland digital piano. I had much less trouble.

I have anticipated that the day would come when I would have to seriously start thinking about buying an acoustic or else I wouldn't be able to progress past a certain point. Looks like that day is fast approaching if not here already. Just to recap, it's not a good time for me to buy one right now. Aside from the job situation, I live in an apartment, so I don't exactly have room for the type of acoustic that I want to buy (a baby grand). Also, I anticipate that at some time, I'll want to move to a condo, so I think I should put off buying a piano until I'm in a more permanent location.

There is also the chance that I might stop taking piano lessons at least for a while. As I make more progress, it takes more time, and I'm not sure I shouldn't be spending the time doing other things. Also, I've become a bit displeased with my singing. Maybe it's time for voice lessons ... One more thing: one of my dance teachers from a couple of years ago contacted me a few days ago asking if I was interested in starting up lessons again. She stopped taking students for a while so she could attend to some other things, but now she's back (as an independent teacher at my old dance studio, which means she just rents floor space instead of being a member of the staff). I have missed dancing, and now that my health is much better, perhaps I can pick it up again. Logistically, dance plus singing could be easier to manage than piano, at least until I have more money and space.

Found in BookBuyers last night a used copy of Johnny Tremain, a book I enjoyed as a kid. Original price US $0.75; on sale there for US $2. OTOH Cormen's Introduction to Algorithms (first edition) originally sold for about US $60; on sale there for about US $14. Makes you go hmmm ...

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