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Overall, things went pretty well at my teacher's master class last night. I was pleased with my playing for the most part. We started out with the eight-hand (two pianists each on two pianos) Minuet in G. There was a bit of confusion at first trying to get everyone organized on which part to play. My teacher had to spend a little bit of extra time helping the father-son pair with their parts, but eventually we were able to play through the entire piece.

Afterwards, I had a chance to chat with the father a bit. He asked me to show him the scores for some of the pieces I was working on. I showed him the Czerny etudes, and since he'd never heard them, he asked me to play them. I hadn't planned to do that, since I'm still working on polishing them, but I played them anyway. I had a bit of trouble at first because I was still somewhat off center from having to share space with my teacher earlier, and the stool for that piano is a bit low. But I was able to play the etudes passably after I readjusted myself. Then, my teacher asked me if I would play the first movement of the Noona Sonatina Romantico. I hadn't planned to do that either, because it's still very much a work in progress. However, I played a couple of sections for them. They were really impressed, especially the son, when he heard the big second inversion E major chord at the end of the intro. (He peeked inside the piano to see how the strings were vibrating.)

I then got to hear the father play. He's currently working on Bach's First Prelude from the WTC. He's at the point where he has learned most of the notes, but wants to figure out how to make it sound less mechanical. Hearing him play made me appreciate all the extra work I'd put into that piece, because I remember when I was at the stage where I'd just learned the notes but hadn't yet added phrasing or dynamics.

I haven't had as much time to spend on French in the past few days, due to the master class, the usual job hunting and exercising, and a book on infinity that I'll write about later. However, I'm not too worried about it. It's a reasonable tradeoff for being able to play decently at the master class, and also to have a general feeling of confidence and relaxation while playing. I feel more at ease when I'm able to focus on a small set of things and do them really well.

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