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On Saturday night I went to my friend P's birthday party. P was one of the first people I met when I started ballroom dancing back in 1998. I haven't seen much of her since she stopped taking lessons a few years ago. The party was a bit different than the ones she usually throws. This time, it was held in a club in downtown SJ that plays Latin house and hip hop. The music was really loud, and I couldn't hear much of what was said throughout most of the night. Also, none of the usual crowd of ballroom partygoers were there. P's gotten into karaoke now. She, her SO (maybe? I'm not sure), and another guy are regulars at a club that features karaoke on Tuesday nights. Since that's my chorus rehearsal night, I probably won't go too often (and wouldn't get there until about 10pm anyway), but I might try it every now and then. I used to sing karaoke often while I lived in LA.

I also subscribed to the end2end mailing list on Saturday. Many of the participants were principal contributors to the original design of the Internet. I had been reading the postings from the public web page off and on, but a recent contribution by David Reed, my first UROP advisor, motivated me to join. I thought his comments were interesting because I have heard the other side of the argument (mostly from people who specialize in network optimization or some other analytical treatment of networks): complaints that there was no real research in Internet technology.

Finally, I made a couple of contributions to cambler's onthenet blog. I was thinking of possibly subscribing to the ICANNwatch blog also, but won't (at least for now). I have too many other things to do, plus the whole issue of new TLDs and so forth doesn't interest me as much as it used to. Which reminds me, time to work on some French before bed.

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