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This is in response to this thread. For those not in the know, KDFC is a classical music station in the SF bay area. Several people I know in the radio broadcasting industry have complained about this station, saying it dumbs down its playlist just to make money.

I can understand why carrett doesn't like the music played on KDFC, but why does he hate the audience? Does he (or anyone else) think the audience is acting maliciously or evilly? Most people don't make a conscious effort to learn a lot about music; is this necessarily bad? I don't know anyone who lives a totally eclectic life; most people are too busy to devote significant time to more than one or two pursuits outside of their career. If anyone/anything is to blame, it's a combination of FCC regulations (you can only have but so many stations in a geographic area) and economics (you can't sell things to people who just won't buy them).

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