gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

In the latest of my work-related dreams last night, I was in an all-hands meeting with people from AV engineering who were now at Y! The meeting was in a big room somewhere in the middle of a forest. It was cold, I think. The meeting was run by a guy whose face I didn't recognize. Apparently he had just been named the engineering director. An odd part about this dream was that I was aware that I was not an employee, so I had no business being there, but I wanted to hear what the guy had to say, so I just sat on the floor in the front of the room (but near the door). The director didn't seem to mind that I was there, so he just went about his business delivering his speech. Apparently he was worried about Google for some reason, but I don't remember what. After the meeting, I went over to talk to a friend of mine about it, who (oddly) had also been laid off from AV a year or so earlier. He said that he thought as a result of the meeting, some of the AV engineers were going to leave Y! Also, he seemed to think that the engineering director was only there temporarily and that soon he'd be replaced.

Last night's BG was pretty interesting. They are taking some of the old plot ideas and combining them in the new episodes. Still, I don't get the same feeling of urgency about fleeing from Cylons or trying to get to Earth.

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