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Google has been in the news a lot lately. One story recently run by c|net suggests that Y! and MSN are gaining on Google according to a Keynote survey. I wonder what would happen at Google if some search engine actually was able to pull away in popularity from Google, just as Google pulled away from AV a few years ago. I remember when we started to seriously lose audience share (and revenue), the free food, drinks, and other frills started to disappear. In fact, I remeber at an all-hands meeting once, someone complained that the company should provide him free food.

I guess I've never really understood the expectation of free stuff mentality. Everywhere else I've worked, no one would ever think to suggest such a thing, especially at an all-hands meeting (especially when the company was having financial problems). I always thought that if the company paid reasonable wages, people would be able to buy/bring whatever they wanted to eat.

Some of you have probably already heard about 99zeros, the blog of a new Google employee that had some content temporarily pulled from it at Google's request. I chuckled at the comment about the $188 strike price. (Too rich for my blood.)

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