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At chorus rehearsal last night, we sang Ain'-A That Good News. I know I had performed it before, but I couldn't remember when. Finally, after looking through my old choral stuff, I found it in a program from a 1992 UCLA Campus Choir performance.

Before finding it, I wasn't sure whether I had performed it while at UCLA or in high school. It must have been preying on my mind a bit, because I had a dream about being back in high school last night. I was in a room of people preparing for a concert. However, I'm not sure I was actually in the concert, because I left the room while the others continued practicing. I went to look for my coat, or something, down near the guidance counselors' offices. I woke up after that. I think my mind was trying to reconstruct an afternoon before a concert when I decided to stay at school rather than go home first. Since my commute was often longer than an hour, by the time I got home I would have had to turn right around and go back, so I decided to stay. I remember being concerned about how I was going to get back inside if I left the building before it reopened for the concert, because I had left my concert clothing somewhere in the building and needed to get back in to change. Also, I am not sure where I left my concert clothing. Our homerooms were locked after school let out, and I didn't have a locker outside of the gym. I may have borrowed a friend's locker, or used my gym locker, but I'm not sure. Also, I have a vague memory of going into the auditorium and finding it empty, thus having to figure out something to do with myself until people started showing up.

It looks as if my piano teacher's "recital" for her adult students isn't going to happen anytime soon. I will probably play in Carnes Piano either tomorrow or next Thursday instead. I feel a little funny about it, since I'm not going to buy a piano, but my teacher says she has cleared it with one of the staff. Actually, it is a good thing that I'll finally get to play some of these pieces that I've been trying to get ready for performance, because I'm starting to burn out on some of them. I'm actually thinking about retiring Ukranian Carol for a while, because although I've got it up to 46 mpm (measures per minute), I'm still quite a ways from the suggested target (72 mpm). Perhaps I need some kind of special exercises in G minor to help me play it better.

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