gregbo (gregbo) wrote,

The last few days have been pretty busy. I'm about four days behind in reading LJ. I will try to catch up.

It looks as if an overnight trip to Yosemite is going to be part of the events lineup for our sister chorus' trip to the SF bay area next year. Apparently, one needs to reserve a place to stay (indoors) months in advance, so I spent most of Friday afternoon looking up lodging information. I finally decided on a cabin without bath. The canvas tents with cots are a bit cheaper, but I don't like to sleep on cots because they aggravate my back, and the cabin will provide more comfort in case it's cold or rainy.

On Saturday morning I met some people from my chorus to carol at Lytton Gardens, an elderly care home in Palo Alto. I thought I was late because no one was in the lobby when I arrived. Another person who arrived a few minutes before me showed up and we found the organizer upstairs. Some other folks showed up after a few more minutes. It was a generally good experience, although I got a bit tired. I then went home to open some presents and call my parents. After that I went up to my cousin's place for dinner. I was unhappy again with the drive up and back, because there were too many people driving too fast weaving in and out of traffic. While at my cousin's we watched Shrek 2, Finding Nemo (which I thought was touching), and I, Robot (which reminds me of several sci-fi/adventure movies from the 1970s).

I forgot to mention that I had a dream last night that everyone who'd worked for AltaVista was reassembled for some kind of celebration. It took place on a large, but very old ship. I remember feeling concerned that the ship was going to sink at several times throughout the journey. At one point, I even mentioned to someone that I didn't think it was such a good idea for all of us to be out at the same time, and that I had a sneaking suspicion that someone deliberately arranged this so we would all perish. Anyway, the dream featured lots of people from the old days like Barry and Dwight. There was lots of testimony for Phil keeping the site up. Phil actually appeared in the dream later and talked to me, but I don't remember specifically what we discussed.

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