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My chorus' main and final performance of the season last night was pretty good overall. We got some nice compliments from people in the audience about how we've made progress as a group, are communicating better with the audience and director, etc. Unfortunately, we had a bit of confusion in The Most Wonderful Time and a serious train wreck on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas. In the latter, the soloist forgot to come in. The conductor tried cueing him, but he didn't pick it up, so she started singing. Then he came in, but delayed, so she motioned him to stop singing. Thence ensued a bit of a tug-of-war, as he came back in and she stopped singing. Somehow, through all of this, everyone else continued doing what they were supposed to do.

I think that the risk of this type of problem could be minimized if the soloist had more opportunities to rehearse the piece with the group. Sometimes, the director doesn't audition the soloists until fairly late in the rehearsal season. I don't think this is a good idea, because I think the soloist and chorus need some time to get comfortable with each other. OTOH, the director spent a lot of time trying to get us past just singing the notes to communicating the text, blending, etc., which was appreciated by the audience.

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