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I ran across this article while reading CNET news. It is like an Enneagram of career anchors. I could strongly identify with the technical/functional competence anchor, while also relating to some others, such as autonomy, stability, sense of service, and lifestyle.

In my time at AV, I had to deal with a lot of people with the pure challenge and entrepreneurial anchor. This was a problem for me at times, because I felt quite often that these people used me and other members of my team as tools to achieve their own ends, rather than looking upon us as professionals in our own right. I realize that reporting is somewhat of a service job, especially in a company that is not in the business of developing reporting tools, but I would have still appreciated it if these people had treated me more as a professional and a peer of any other engineer in the company. Just because I don't work on things like ranking doesn't mean I don't have the talent to understand how they work. Another aspect to this relates to something I wrote earlier, in that I saw other engineers' stars rise at AV while I felt like I was slipping.


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