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I finished reviewing RFC 793, which is the standard TCP specification. Next on the list is 1323 (TCP extensions for high performance), then 3168 (explicit congestion notification). After I've gone through these, hopefully I'll have enough background to start participating in the IETF working groups I mentioned earlier. I also found a research group called the ICIR that participates in the development of an open-source router and TCP behavior identification tools, so hopefully I'll be able to participate in those projects as well.

On a related note, I got a Mountain View library card today. They have some of the books on interviews, math puzzles, and such that I want to read but don't necessarily want to buy.

edit This entry is backdated, because I got hit by the post by email bug that wipes out the previous entry. I had forgotten what I wrote, but fortunately, it was in Google's cache.
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